Crappie rods

Crappie rods & reels have come a long way since I started my fishing career in the age of 5, the only thing I really could or should I state was allowed to use was a cane rod and did I ever see some take away throughout the lake. My father graduated me into a closed face Shakespeare crappie rod & reel setup which wouldn’t cast 10 feet. Modern technology has come a long way these days, now the normal person has the daunting tasks of listening to all of the crappie rods & reels salesmen tell you exactly how good these crappie rods & reels are, I call them the good, bad & ugly series. Yes there are still a few crappie rods & reels setups which are bad, you get exactly what you pay for and if that is the game then purchase one which will last best crappie rods.

There are loads of crappie rods & reels which are around half dollars, you take the rod with your small pinkie and bend it on twice, along with the reel which comes with it you will probably strip the plastic gears once you grab a big crappie with it. I am going to demonstrate to you that spending a little extra cash will bring you a great deal of good times together with your new crappie rods & reels setup that will endure for years to come. You need to look at the sort of reel that you like, do you prefer a spinning reel, closed head or a small to medium size baitcaster.

Abu-Garcia Revo S series has 8 ball bearings with 1 roller bearing solid instance with a carbon matrix drag system, 3 words for this one, bad to the bone for around 100.00, I have had mine for a few years and all I have had to do is clean & alter the line. I also have enjoyed my spinning crappie rods & reels, a few of my favorites which will cast a little jig a country mile is my Shimano Symetre with a back fighting drag and virtually no line twist, you can adjust fighting drag since you go without breaking your line for any dimension crappie you draw up, then add a falcon low-rider rod to it and you’ll be able to feel that the slightest bulge. This really is a winning setup for your crappie angler for around 200.00 dollars and it will continue forever.

Everyone has a budget but in my opinion both of these crappie rods & reels setup will make you a hero on the ship or dock fishing with family or friends or in a crappie tournament. I also enjoy the rods that I purchase to be a medium action rod, here’s the reason for this, once you’re fishing heavy cover whether it may be stumps, stone piles or a brush pile you need to get a strong enough rod to have the ability to get them out of the structure which you’re fishing. Using a light action rod in my opinion that the crappie have control over you, a great deal of individuals state that you will catch more crappie using a mild 4-pound line, that’s nice if you’re fishing waters that are clear, but in stained or muddy waters I use 12 to 14 pound line and most of the time catch my limitation. Tight lines to you all and remember, if you want performance for years to come then do your research which will best suit you for all of your crappie rods & reels.

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